Revivalists – Some distinctions

Teds/Rockabillies – The early Teds were 50’s working-class British youth. According to Hebdige, the Ted subculture resurfaced in the 70’s in antagonism to the Punk Movement. The late 60’s-70’s also spawned motorcycle gangs (greasers) with rocker sensibilities…

Neo-Mod– Not to be confused with the original mods of the late 50’s. The neo-mod subculture happened in the late 70’s-80’s – the release of Quadrophenia, the movie being a part of this (Also The Jam etc). America had its own version of Mod culture – which had no associations with working-class culture, or ‘soul’ music…which was more about the Carnaby-Street ‘Swinging Sixties’ idea (Austin Powers etc)

2-Tone – somewhere between the Mods and the Skins… a ska-sound, a record label and a fashion with The Specials at its head.

Skinheads – The original Skins were into Jamaican Ska and Rocksteady and came after the Mods in the late 60’s. Musically, they were more aligned with West Indian community in Britain. In the 80’s came a whiter version of Ska exemplified by bands like Madness. Skinhead culture itself was also white and ‘racist’ (eg Romper Stomper) with Neo-Nazi leanings.


3 Responses to “Revivalists – Some distinctions”

  1. Very, very impressed with your knowledge on all things mod!
    It makes a refreshing change to see the truth being told for once!
    Well done! šŸ™‚

  2. Gordito Boy Says:

    Original Skinheads were not racists… please you need to get more info… bye

  3. gordito boy – Nobody said the original skinheads were racist. Please reread the post and you will see I was referring to some of the 80’s revivalists.

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