Dance Crasher

The Subcultures

Group 1 – Breakbeat-Ragga hybrid· Fashion – bomber jackets, dreadlocks, Beanies, Big pants, Club wear, Soft gear, chunky shoes, glitz and lycra… like first sketches. Music – Dance-Ragga-Breaks-Dub-D&Bass-Hip Hop Funk

Group 2 – Electro-New Wave hybrid Fashion – Angular, sleek, robotic, like uniforms, visors & gadgety accessories. Straight/sculpted hair. Think Japanese Transformers. Music – Electronica-Pop-New Wave-Bleepy-Noise Theremin sounds-think Polysics, Fire Starter,Kraftwerk

Group 3 – Rockabilly hybrid Fashion – Rockabilly JDs big quiffs & bangs ( like Endsville but extra stylized.) Leather jackets, silver chains, Flame motifs, girls wear catty sunglasses, furs & very red lipstick. Music – Rock n roll (in diff. languages also) & Swing mixed with beats. Psychobilly, garage.

Group 4 – Exotica-Lounge hybrid Fashion – 60’s sleek jetset- pastel/candy colored suits, white sunglasses & boots, Mondrian-ish, Twiggy-ish, Vidal Sassoon, Tropical prints, hawaiiana, tiki pendants, Native jewellery, Jumpsuits Music – Lounge-Shibuya-kei pop-Hawaiian with beats. think Pizzicato 5 & Sr. Coconut.

Group 5 – Mod-Ska hybrid Fashion – Swanky suits, slim pants, parkas, pork pie hats. Chequered prints, pinstripe, turtlenecks and wool. Bouffants and pale lipstick… (Similar to Exotica-Lounge group but less attention to color, more attention to fabric texture) Music – 60’s rocksteady, ska, R n B, Studio One label mixed with beats.

SKETCHES HERE (a work in progress)

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