History of Electronic Music

I’ve started reading Modulations: History of Electronic music – a Caipirinha publication. This is a great book though it feels odd to be reading about different beats and rhythms and trying to differentiate this stuff in my mind as opposed to listening to it… which is why I’m looking forward to receiving the DVD. And also hassling DJ Mort.

Although Eddie would argue that Ishkur has got it all wrong, I find Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music pretty useful even when taken with a grain of salt. It helps to have a big ass flowchart like this which generates snippets of sounds. Problem is, this guy obviously *hates* Jungle/Drum & Bass.

Update: We watched Modulations, the accompaniament DVD by Caipirinha productions. This is a free-form documentary in praise of the various mutations of electronic music from Kraftwerk (though there wasn’t enough of this) to Jungle (referred to as the British’s hybrid style of hip hop), Techno, House (which evolved from Disco), and experimental turntablism.

All the big name DJs were covered here with samples of different styles mixed/juxtaposed so that you can tell the difference. Interviewees included Robert Moog and Genesis P-Orridge. It was very educational – now I think I know the difference in SOUND between the Roland 303 and the 808.

To be honest, watching DJs do their thang is pretty boring (if you are not a DJ, I guess). How many more guys with shaven heads twiddling with knobs and dials do we need to see? 🙂


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