Old school Boombox reference

The Birth of Boomboxes: 1976-1981

On a sidenote: Over the weekend I was talking to a guy who organizes non-commercial “Bush raves” with solar-powered sound systems. Via solar panels, the solar energy is collected in rare “gel”-type batteries and used to power up the party lighting, DJ equipment and speakers. This guy was telling us a story about being threatened by the cops who wanted to stop the party. And they couldn’t because they weren’t able to simply “pull the plug out”. He can drive the party anywhere he wants. The music is completely portable.

This dude also told us that he likes educating kids about alternative energy. “…so they’re not just taking their drugs and having a good time. They also have the opportunity to learn something new when they see that we don’t have a generator”.

Greenie ideology aside, I found the visual idea of “solar-powered sound systems” kinda cool. This is the sort of technology our Dance Crasher kids would swear by. The sun shines, the music blasts out.

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