“Bosozoku” = Japan’s teenage biker gangs. ( article)

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There’s also a new book by Masayuki Yoshinaga

In Japan, photographer Masayuki Yoshinaga rides with Tokyo’s illegal biker gangs to bring back a portrait of the city’s tattooed underbelly.

What I really really wanted to see were the images posted on this forum thread. Unfortunately the guy’s site has reached its bandwidth limit and the photos are no longer visible. Let’s hope they come back soon because going by the responses following the premise below, the photos must be awesome.

This was a meet at Daikoku in Yokohama a couple of days after January 1st. To celebrate the new year, bosozoku (motorcycle hooligans) cruise into Kamakura on motorcycles via the Shonan (like our PCH) in droves. Their other favorite mode of transport is an unregistered Mark II or Cresta (our Cressida) with its roof chopped off… The weekend after January 1st, they gather at Daikoku (a well-known spot for meets) for a huge meet at a rest stop… This is where I snapped these pics. The cars ranged from bozo’d out old school Laurels/Crestas/Skylines to crazy vans and flashing trucks…

Some great pics HERE


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