European Scenesters… & Shoboshobo

From this momus blog

Right now, because I haven’t been going out much, I feel far from the Berlin social scene. Scenes are important. It’s nice to feel involved in one, even peripherally. I’ve been connected to so many, in so many different cities. The Postcard scene in Scotland. Creation and el in London. Loungecore in Berlin and Paris, Shibuya-kei in Tokyo, Electroclash in New York. I wasn’t central to any of these scenes. I’m not really a big, bad, bold scenester. But I like to guage what’s going on, where it’s at, identify the talented people, soak up the glamour, and hang around on the fringes.

So what scene am I in now? Who do I feel close to? Why, Shoboshobo, silly!

I’m bookmarking this because I’m a shibuya-kei fan; also loungecore, and more recently getting into micromusic and Mexican electro-pop (eg Manos Arriba/Bungalow label) I love music that feels both old and new and like mashups of different cultures and genres.


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