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THE TOFU HUT is an extremely link-generous musicblogger. In fact, there are so many music links in today’s entry that I’ll have to copy/paste them right here for future visits…

Here’s the grand collection, organized (somewhat) by genre. They are presented in no particular order of preference, barring my personal favorites.

I hope you’ll forgive me an initial self link here as I modestly suggest that you might want to start your musical journey by dropping by MY SITE, The Tofu Hut? Now that that’s out of the way, here’s my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE musicblogs, the ones that I check daily. These are of just about every genre. Check out: Gabba.Pod, Said the Gramophone, Fluxblog, Fruits of Chaos, TtIKtDanceAgain (run by a monkey!), Basic Hip Digital Oddio , Honey Where You Been?, Comfort Stand Records, Tyrone Shoelaces, new (ish), Negro, Please, soul sides, Esselle, Boom Selection, punkassbitch, Totally Fuzzy, Cocaine Blunts, ready rock moe rex, Planet Blarg, copy, right?, Fat Planet, Scenestars, Largehearted Boy, Music For Robots, Radio Babylon, The Suburbs are Killing Us, The Lusitania, Word in the Alleys (run by a monkey!), nevercamehome, Oddio Overplay, Moistworks, GetchaBootlegOn, Tried and True Attention Getting Tactics, womenfolk, MUSIC!, bumrocks, Scissorkick, Pop 77, lacunae, 3hive, Cheeky Monkey, Bloggio Oddio, Rusty Spell, 52 Weeks, Idiot’s Guide to Dreaming, Achtung Baby!,Spoilt Vict. Child, Cloud 2, Telephone Thing, Sizemore, The Crutch and Kingblind.

Here’s a list of excellent music sites that tend to specialize in ROCKNROLL/POP/JAPANESE, CHINESE, KOREAN POP (a popular online subgenre)/”ALTERNATIVE”or”INDEPENDENT” AND RNB: Pop Is Pablum, robot is smashed, Torchomatic 80’s, Max’s Music Page, Marx vs. Monorail, Vague Space Music, Nobu Log, Modern Life Is Rubbish, Starving But Happy, My Space Music, V/VM Test Records, Bang and Burn, Sixeyes, BPatcher, 1,000,000 Love Songs, Into the Groove, Uncritical, Coolfer, Better Propaganda, Losing My Edge, Lost Bands/New Wave Era, Talkie Walkie, Wants 2B Nameless, Kittytext, Royal Music, Listen Closer, Negatendo Music, Birth/Music/Death, Bubblegum Machine, EmptyFree, classical gasp, nitpick, Mystical Beast (retired, but loved), Sleeve Notes, opacodex, So This Is Love (en espanol), The Catbird Seat, Fighting Against MtPH, Pitchfork, klepshimi, David F. Presents, Fingertips, ZenZen, big ticket, Sloro, NPG Music, Schkopi (Prince Radio), Rock’N’Roll in the Real World, Mystery and Misery, No Frontin’, Just Music, Chromewaves, Dylan, White Stripes Boots, Spinal Tap Collection, george mike, John Peel, Frank Payne, Jeff’s Cubicle, Live Tom Waits, Insound, Preservation of Music I Love, K-Records, 2ifbysea Records, Enthusiastic But Mediocre, J/C/K Pop Central (webring of J/C/K pop sites), Coverlog, The Wily Filipino, Epitonic, De Subjectivisten, Blackyellowblack, GLOBALPOPCONSPIRACY, Music For the Free world, NYLPM, Matador Records, Song of Solomon and I heart Nellie McKay.

Here’s a few sites that specialize in HIP HOP AND REGGAE: Rank’s Reggae Revival, Shutemdown!, The Box, Soulstrut, MC Chris and Hip Hop Music.

Similarly, here’s a very few sites that specialize in JAZZ and OLD TIMEY MUSIC: Admas Band, The Vamps, The Red Hot Jazz Archive and The Ragtime Ephemeralist.

Here’s a bunch that specialize in DJ CULTURE (which is to say: electronic music + remix and mashup DJ’s): Redder Records, DJBC, Fetter Konig, Dinbot, Diffusion Online, Lionel Vinyl, Eve Massacre, Culture Deluxe, Deep Disco Force, mcsleazy, FakeID, soulwax, Reformat Records, Wired Sounds, Release the Reality, DJJayR, Tapeworm Collective, Design Project Neko, Dopplebanger, MP3BLOG, Daz Automatic, //blahblog, fourstones, djfood, Songfight, bOOmbOx, Reset Music, IDC, Fabulous Bastard, NeverHeardIt, disquiet, Go Home Productions, Empire State Human, Bush No. 10, Poj, SutureSounds, Fettdog and Warp Records.

Next up are a collective of EXOTICA/ESOTERIC/BIZARRE music hunters: 365 DAYS, Mark VII, American Song Poem Music, Empty Handed, Raymondo’s Dance-O-Rama, Belly Bongo, Your Pal Doug, Little Marcy World, Show and Tell Music, Voices on the Wind, Dana Countryman, Space Debris Presents, Oddball Auditorium, Sem Sinatra’s Solar System, April Winchell, Incorrect Music Siftings, Pastor McPurvis and Mister Swank.

Then we have a list of offbeat and unclassiable SPECIAL NEEDS musicblogs; musicblogs that specialize in one offbeat topic: Noam Chomsky Audio, The Fan Soundtrack Listing, Backmask Online, Drummerworld, It’s A Trap! (Scandinavian Tunes), Songs to Wear Pants To, Bootleg, Tendo Web, Bhangra Plus, Circuit Benders, The Sound of Magic, Overclocked Remix, Radiant Slab, Theremin Vox, Tamil Mahal, Monkees Sing Along, Gamelan Nyai Saraswati, The Authentic History Center and John Hughes Movies.

Lastly, here’s a few sites that offer something different, so YOU TELL ME where I should classify them: Brad Sucks, Webjay, Internet Archive, Illegal Art, Troubled Diva, Swen’s Weblog, OpenDir, Dream Chimney, ihypq, Steev’s South America, Musical Family Tree and IUMA.

Still not enough for you? Okay, here’s a few more bonus music sites that feature music you can listen to or tools to find more music: Ogg Vorbis, RadioBlogClub, AltaVista Audio Search, Boombastic Radio, Downhill Battle , Eigenradio, Magnatune, DJ Martian, Oh, Manchester, mp3 4 free and Intellectual Hip Hop.

Here’s one last one for good luck: at The Amazing EC Brown MusicLink Page, you’ll find LITERALLY hundreds more places to find music.

And there’s plenty plenty more; I have at least another thirty or forty musicblogs I haven’t listed here yet and new ones are appearing LITERALLY every day.

Go forth and find new music and then go buy an album from one of your new favorites!


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