Signal de plane!

From THE FACE magazine (April 2004)-

Dancehall dances

1. Blasé – putting one leg forward, slightly bent, one foot flat behind, moving your hands backwards and forwards, with trembling arms.

2. Pun de river – lifting your feet in the air, bouncing from one side to the other

3. Hand-cart – standing one foot on tip-toe, the other flat, with both hands in front, and moving like you’re pushing a cart.

4. Gypsy – two legs together and move your waist, waving your hands like a gypsy dancing.

5. Row yuh boat – your hands row and your feet jump in quarter turns

6. Giddem-a-run – running on the spot, bouncing on your head.

7. Parachute – arms out front, making two fists and throwing them over each shoulder, while moving your body left to right.

8. Signal-de-plane – feet apart, hands in the air, waving arms as though you’re signalling a plane, moving your body left to right.

9. Mad sick head – holding your head with one hand, while doing Pun-de-river and shaking your head like a mad person.

10. Chaplin – walking forwards and backwards swinging your arms and trembling your feet in a rude-girl style.

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One Response to “Signal de plane!”

  1. I think that these post should be detailed , i mean im jamaican now if i didnt know how to do any of thse dances , i would be totally lost

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