Wikipedia: Subcultures

From History of subcultures in the 20th century – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

“There seems to be a dynamic relationship between subculture and warfare. Society sends its young, healthy and strong to kill the young, healthy and strong of another society and subculture seems to be provoked through the social trauma which results. There also is a clear relationship between subculture and refugee or immigrant status. Since there is clearly a link between warfare and the creation of refugees and forced exiles a sociological pattern is discernable…”

Which perhaps references  Dick Hebdige’s subcultural theory – where Britain in the 60s saw the influx of Jamaican immigrants and their music.



Wikipedia also has a page on Nadsat! the “teen language spoken by Alex and his ‘droogs’ in the futuristic world of A Clockwork Orange.”

For your listening pleasure – Stereo Total’s “Orange Mecanique” (3825 KB mp3)


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