Sounds of Underground London

Via The Video Beat!:

Teddy Boys, Mods, Skinheads, and Northern Soul.
2003 U.K. ITV1 TV documentary series. "S.O.U.L. – Sounds Of Underground London" is a multi-part series examining England’s prominent youth culture scenes and the music and fashion that surrounded them. The series celebrated 50 years of English youth culture.


So, there are only 4 episodes on this DVD, and I am curious how many episodes there are in the entire series. I read somewhere that there’s an “Acid Jazz” episode.. Where can we get more episodes? Does anyone know? (Google has not been helpful.)

*UPDATE. That was awesome. And I knew there had to be more episodes…


6 Responses to “Sounds of Underground London”

  1. Hi Guys,
    If I remember correctly, there were only 4 episodes in this series and they were shown fairly late (around 11.30pm) on ITV. It was a damn good series that I’d forgotten all about!

  2. thanks, marvin!
    It’s just that the series description says “50 years of English youth culture” which would take things up to the year 2000…
    Can’t wait to watch this!
    – Lili

  3. You’re welcome Lili.
    Describing it as 50 years of English youth culture is pushing it somewhat. There may be a follow up in the pipeline, outlining the next 25 years, but I’ve not heard anything. It’s very unusual that a documentary of this nature appears on TV in England nowadays, they used to be fairly commonplace 😦
    BTW You may also be interested in this book: ‘The Way We Wore’ by Robert Elms and published by Picador (ISBN: 0330420321).

  4. thanks for the book recommendation! It arrived today and I’m looking fwd to reading it.

  5. Again you’re welcome. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did! And I take it all back about the other 4 episodes. Sorry 🙂

  6. John Simpson Says:

    It was an eight part series -check out

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