We Got Soul!

Pop music has always had shows like American Bandstand to sing its praises, but R&B music had to wait a while for its own major weekly showcase. Just the same, Soul Train
proved to be well worth the wait when it hit the airwaves in the 1970s.
This weekly extravaganza, which showed off the latest and greatest in
soul music and dance moves, became a national sensation in the
mid-1970s and became a pop culture juggernaut that broke new ground for
African-American entertainment. – tv.com

A geroovy video clip from Soul Train 1974! (via Milk and Cookies.com)

And here’s another great Soul Train Line video – Boogie Fever – from the 70’s. …cool moves and attitude.

Northern Soul

Two Minutes of Bliss: a Weblog about the Northern Soul movement in the UK.

Wow. Once Upon a Time In Wigan is a play/stage-show about the Northern Soul movement… and what it was like to be there in that time.. It is a shame they are not touring the USA… What a cool idea.


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One Response to “We Got Soul!”

  1. Thanks for the link to 2 Minutes of Bliss, Sister blog to RetroBabe! Much appreciated !

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