Where The Girls Are

There is a lot of information on Rude Boys and Teddy Boys (eg, Dick Hebdige), but rarely do you read about or see Rude Girls and Teddy Girls on the web or in books. Coincidentally, this week we found two interesting websites…

RUDE GIRLS: www.getupedina.com


 An awesome website for the Jamaican-music-lover. Read "Dont’ Know Much About History" by Joanna Wallace. And lots of links to record labels, sites with apparel, accessories and cool stuff.

Essay and photoseries by Ken Russell. Gallery HERE.



"Yet, just as much as the boys, the Teddy Girl was creating a new world
for herself. It may be that the Teddy Girl was difficult to see because
fashion was naturally considered a female sphere. Working class boys
suddenly wearing their own distinctive but rapidly changing fashions
were noticeable, but girls changing styles was simply taken for
granted. The Teddy Girl, however, is clearly not simply following a
male fashion for Edwardian garb. Instead, she wore a variety of
personal styles. Cameo brooches and other accessories hark back, but
the fact that these girls wear trousers is very interesting. Most
surprisingly the younger girls even wear jeans. As the boys look back
for inspiration to a bygone era, the girls seem to be looking forward
to modernity, out towards the future."


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