Eddie has a few of the DADDY ROTH and WEIRD-OHS kits back in Sydney, but wow… check out this FRANTICS set by HAWK. Looks really cool and I’d love to have it! I’m getting 3 of these! whee….



Box Art by Bill Campbell

Via ComicBookResources:

As for the Weird-Ohs
(which the gremlins in this issue’s cover-story closely resemble, these
hot rod monsters first appeared as a series of plastic model kits
issued by the Hawk Model Company. An attempt to compete with Revell’s
line of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s bug-eyed “finks” (led by the iconic “Rat
Fink”) and Monogram’s model kits of Stanley Mouse!’s “Fred Flypogger”
and friends, the Weird-Ohs were created and designed by illustrator
Bill Campbell in 1963. The original trio of Weird-Ohs consisted of
Davey (a biker), Digger (a drag racer) and Daddy (a suburban commuter),
who were eventually joined by such plastic “car-icky-tures” as Leaky
Boat Louie, Freddy Flameout, Endsville Eddie, Drag Hag, Wade A. Minit,
Francis The Foul, Huey’s Hut Rod, Sling Rave Curvette, Killer McBash
and others. These led to Hawk’s similar lines of “Frantics” and “Silly
Surfers”. The model kits themselves were designed and engineered by
Hawk/Testor’s bigshot John (Zawicki) Andrews. In 1993, Testor’s
re-released many of the original Weird-Ohs. A few years later,
Mainframe Entertainment produced the, CGI-animated TV series starring
the WEIRD-OHS, which premiered on FoxKids Network on October 9, 1999
(and released to home video in 2000) but it failed to capture the
appealingly manic quality of the original kits.

Somewhat related link: Our character designs for Endsville.


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