Fun on the Dark Side

BBC: The Devil’s Music
(West Side Story’s “Maria”! Who knew?)

Via Rebecca’s Pocket:- How To Dance Gothic Updated link:
(…and achieving the proper level of angst)

WHICH WAY IS THE EXIT? Put your arms out to both sides, like you’re being crucified or
something. As you do, swirl around once or twice, but remember to do it
slowly, not quick like a little kid trying to get dizzy. If
you do it right, this one can have some of the feel of time wheeling
onward, the spin of the earth around the sun, and so on. It can also
come in handy in case some weirdo DJ puts on Dead or Alive’s “You Spin
Me Right Round, Baby”. (“Right ’round like a record, baby, right
’round, ’round, ’round.” Oh, yeah.)

Variations: This is one the most
personalizable of all the moves here. You don’t even need to put both
arms out; you can keep one in front of your body (ready to do some
other move), or put it behind your back, or you can put it up to your
forehead to show how angst-ridden you truly are.


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