MODS By Horst Friedrichs


Photographer Horst A. Friedrichs has been documenting the British Mod scene for over 10 years. Using a mixture of color and black & white photography he has recorded the Mod community during events like 24-hour parties, dancing competitions and scooter runs. Recently Horst has embarked on a series of filmed interviews and events which offer additional appreciation of the scene. This rare collection of images provides a unique insight into the diversity of the contemporary Mod scene. The Mod’s of today are an assortment of youthful new devotees and old grey-haired hipsters who fondly remember scooter trips to Brighton wearing Parka’s emblazoned with “Who” and “Kinks” badges. The project chronicles this special history – from the 1960’s to the present day – every new generation rediscovering what it is to be a Mod.

There is a new BOOK available for pre-order on Amazon (UK)

I wonder if it’s the same as this one… (earlier edition?)


(image via

And here’s a related video:

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