The Soundcruiser

THIS is much more portable than the I&I soundsystem. (…which we blogged about in 2004)

Behold The ‘SoundCruiser’ Wheelie Bag sound system!

Weighing in at around thirty kilos the Wheelie Bag ‘SoundCruiser’ is a complete, portable sound system. It’s as easy to take it on the bus as it is on Easy Jet. Each Wheelie Bag is unique. Your theme, your spec, your choice of colours.

From £750.

NB. All Wheelie Bag owners agree to meet once a year for the Annual Wheelie Bag Sound Clash.

3 Responses to “The Soundcruiser”

  1. man, did I foresee this or what?!?

  2. Vinyl’s answer to the iPod!!!

  3. I think it needs to be a little smaller… and have a scooter attached or something… 😉

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