Sharpie Culture – Melbourne, Australia

Greg Macainsh (who went on to form the band ‘Skyhooks’) made this short film about Sharpies in 1974.  Influenced by Skinheads in hair and style – substitute the patterned cardigan for Fred Perry shirts, and add a rat-tail of hair to the Skinhead crop – Sharps were unique to Melbourne in the 1970’s.  They also did a weird ‘arm-rolling’ jerky dance that mimicked the skank.   Their music of choice though, was straight ahead Rock; local band ‘Lobby Lloyde & The Coloured Balls’ became their figurehead group.

The Sharpies was truly a ‘gang’ movement, and amplified all the thuggish aspects of skinhead behavior.  Having lived through it, they definitely weren’t fun to be around…

One Response to “Sharpie Culture – Melbourne, Australia”

  1. I’ve alwayts been fascinated by the whole sharpie thing. I recently grabbed The Coloured Balls LP on CD, pretty heavy stuff, though one of it’s bonus tracks, a 45 called “Devil’s Disciple” seemed to anticipate Oi! music by a few years!

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