Mixes by Wes

Pictured above are  music mixes compiled by Wes. He updates and expands on these mixes from time to time, burns them onto DVD-Rs and hands them out on birthdays and xmases, and this year, the mp3s are all ONLINE.

There are 5 series. *A volume = length of an audio CD*

Click on the links to see covers and playlists . Password= huesos

1. JUNGLE MUSIC (20 volumes)
The history of black music from Duke Ellington’s Jungle band at the Cotton Club through the Jamaican Sound Systems.

2. CRACKER WAX (3 volumes)
The history of white hick music.

50’s-60’s rockabilly garage and general weirdness

4. MODDSVILLE (18 volumes)
Modern music from the dawn of the 60’s to the punk explosion of the late 70’s.

(3 volumes)
Popular vocals and standards from the 20’s – 60’s.

These mixes can be downloaded via my favorite music-searching client.  It’s free. Download, install the app and search for user directory  huesos. ENJOY!

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