Mexican Pointy Boots!


3 Responses to “Mexican Pointy Boots!”

  1. Dianna Sanchez Says:

    que verguenza ver esto, es una pendejada. Tribales? porfavor… yo con orgullo digo que soy mexicana, la cultura Maya y Azteca mis respetos, pero ustedes son una verguenza para la nacion con sus botas ridiculas solo buscan llamar la atencion, llamen la atencion de una forma intelectual pongan el nombre de Mexico en alto, no con estas pendejadas

  2. Botas Picudas! I love it! To anyone that doesn’t, I say to them: Lighten up people don’t take life so seriously. Don’t get all stressed out like all the wealthy ones across the border, that are all money and no fun. Kids will be Kids, let them have their fun.

  3. hey, i’ve come across your scrapbook or actually the old typepad one while looking for a subculture. i was wondering if you can help me. i’m totally lost here and you seem to know about them all! 🙂 the only clues i have are that it;s a subculture born in the 70’s in the UK, that it’s really hard to find out about them, that their hmm beliefs could come across as shocking and that they look to other ppl who don;t know about them like they dress regular but for those who know it’s sharp and detailed. does it ring any bells? if you could give a name or a few names that could fit the bill, i would be very grateful!! 🙂 thanks so much for reading my confused question hehe
    cheers! 🙂

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