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Posted in Art/Style, Books, fashion, hybrid culture on September 21, 2010 by lili are the publishers of Ted Polhemus’ new Street Style book. ( Signed Copies of Streetstyle Book by Ted Polhemus | PYMCA Shop.) They are also an online archive of youth subculture photo collections and essays.

The Cultural Research section comprises Images, Essays, Papers, Video and links to youth culture content which is available to subscribed members for research purposes.

PYMCA has spent several years building this new collection and has teamed up with leading cultural commentators and organisations to bring you detailed accounts and analysis of youth subcultures, music and movements around the World.

What a tease. Alas, I don’t think I can afford the 25 quid a month subscription to have full access to all this eye-candy…

Streetstyle book reissued!

Posted in Books, fashion, hybrid culture on August 31, 2010 by lili

Retro To Go: Streetstyle book by Ted Polhemus reissued

I can’t wait to see the extra 100 pages.

I have the original Streetstyle. Some pages HERE.

King Rat, Drum & Bass.

Posted in Books, Music on August 31, 2010 by lili

King Rat on

Rarely does a book make me want to TURN UP the music while I read.

China Mieville’s King Rat is an urban fantasy set in a gritty London of dirty alleys, sewers, warehouses, rats, birds, spiders and a scary Pied Piper villain. The book  reads like a homage to the culture of 1990’s Drum ‘n Bass and for the human characters, Jungle/DnB is a religion and way of life.  Interestingly,  most criticisms of King Rat dismiss the music-subculture stuff as trite or contrived when this is the part that I found most fascinating. (example: Here’s a bad review)

Here’s another review.

I want to hear Windy City.

For now:

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The Amen Break

YouTube Documentary: A London Somet’ing Dis (1993) – 3 parts. Here’s Part 1:


Posted in Art/Style, Books, fashion, hybrid culture on July 6, 2010 by lili

Steampunk Pullip Eos Doll (via Suemomo’s SteamPunks flickr set & the official Steam Punk Project website)

Steampunk fashion (Livejournal community)

Steampunk on

Steampunk toys (

(via this Wired article)

Steampunk robots by Stephane Halleux

A short film:

And last but not least, Android Karenina (set in a Russian Steampunk universe) – which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend!

As in the original novel, our story follows two relationships: the tragic adulterous romance of Anna Karenina and Count Alexei Vronsky, and the much more hopeful marriage of Konstantin Levin and Kitty Shcherbatskaya.These four, yearning for true love, live in a steampunk-inspired 19th century of mechanical butlers, extraterrestrial-worshiping cults, and airborne debutante balls. Their passions alone would be enough to consume them-but when a secret cabal of radical scientific revolutionaries launches an attack on Russian high society’s high-tech lifestyle, our heroes must fight back with all their courage, all their gadgets, and all the power of a sleek new cyborg model like nothing the world has ever seen.”

Filled with the same blend of romance, drama, and fantasy that made the first two Quirk Classics New York Times best sellers, Android Karenina brings this celebrated series into the exciting world of science fiction. (via Amazon)

A new book: Dublin teenage life from 60’s to 90’s

Posted in Books on July 28, 2009 by lili

Via (which has more pics and videos):

There is also a YouTube promo video for this book:

… and Gary O Neill talks about the book HERE (Youtube)…

“The project is 80% finished…Still looking for more Dublin Teddy Boys…”

STREET STYLE by Ted Polhemus

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'Ted' family

Rude Boys

Rude Boys

More at: Street Style (pages) – a set on Flickr.

The premise of this book is that the fashion on the catwalk has its origins in the street… the “bubble up” effect.

But it is more than the price tag which distinguishes the genuine article from its chic reinterpretation. It’s a question of context. And when fashion sticks its metaphorical gilt frame around a leather motorbike jacket, a Hippy kaftan, a pair of trainers, or a Ragga girl’s batty-riders, it transforms an emblem of subcultural identity into something which anyone with enough money can acquire and wear with pride.

However much street style and fashion might superficially resemble each other, they are actually poles apart.

The book is a bit outdated but still a great resource for images. I love that there is a section at the back with lists of suggested books, music and films for each subculture. (These lists need to be updated!). There is also a big subculture flowchart – click on the pic below to enlarge.

Street Style

OH –  I just found out that Mr. Polhemus has a website –

Remembering QUEEN

Posted in Art/Style, Books, fashion, hybrid culture on July 9, 2009 by eddie


The magazine that is!  I found these 1967 issues at Camberwell Market in 1983, and wish I’d have bought more; they have been an invaluable style reference over the last 20-something years.  Queen documented swinging London like nothing else – even down to the Pop Music column written by the great Nik Cohn himself.



Even the ads were cool!


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