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Dance Britannia!

Posted in Dance, Music on November 27, 2010 by lili

I love the BBC’s Britannia series! And this series on dance styles is a lot of fun. Thank you, YouTubers!

Part 1: Acid House (not my thing, personally)

Part 2a: The 1960’s… Ballroom dancing as a sport

Part 2b: 1960’s…West Indian influences, Jamaican Ska

Part 2c: Soul…Embracing American black music culture and dance style…

Part 3a: Dancehall sceneAfrican influences (bring on the pelvis)

1980’s Hip hop influences (breakdancing etc)


Posted in Dance, Music on August 31, 2010 by lili

Via Wikipedia:

Tecktonik (TCK), also called Milky Way or Electro Dance, is a frenetic and quirky form of street dance which is typically performed to electro houseDisco, Vogue, Waacking, Hip-Hop and Freehand Glowsticking. It started in the 2000s and originated from the southern suburbs of Paris, France, mainly from the Metropolis nightclubs[1][2] and has grown around the world. Fast-paced techno and electro house music imported from Northern Europe is the usual choice for Tecktonik dancing.[3] music.

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Tecktonik Tutorials

Drum & Bass dance

Posted in Dance, Music on August 31, 2010 by lili

New Romantics

Posted in Art/Style, Dance, fashion, Music on July 8, 2010 by lili

“Lots of air up the nostrils” (Quote an ex-Blitz Kid on her favorite dance moves)

That was Part 2 (The Look), and here is Part 1. (The Music)

Mr Benn, The Mod Learns to Dance Northern Soul with the help of Social Media

Posted in Art/Style, Dance, fashion, Gadgets, hybrid culture, Mod on October 21, 2009 by lili

Embedding not allowed I guess, so go here >

Signal di plane! and more moves

Posted in Dance, Music with tags , , on October 21, 2009 by lili

And more Jamaican dancehall moves – which we have blogged about before but they are now on YouTube – YAY!

Signal di plane, Parachute and Chaplin

Pon di river, Down di flank, Give dem a run

Row the boat

And the “basic” Heel & Toe….


Jamaican Ska Dance moves

Posted in Dance, Music on October 21, 2009 by lili

Link: (via Dancing Mood – See THIS POST)

I love How to Dance books and websites- I love looking at the pictures and reading the instructions and seeing how they teach this stuff but I swear  I have NEVER EVER learned any dance moves via text on a page. Just not possible. Doesn’t work for me. And I wish it did!

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