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Northern Soul films

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Function At The Junction (2001) is a short film by Justin McArdle, that, rumor has it, is being made into a feature movie…(??)

Function at the Junction’ is a 13-minute black comedy, which centres on a dance competition in a Northern Soul nightclub in 1975. The film pays homage to a scene, which impassioned a whole generation and showcases the music, dance and style of the Northern Soul movement. The attention to detail will have veterans reaching for their talcum powder once again with vintage cars, scooters, 70’s wallpaper and original Northern Soul vinyl reviving memories of an era. Tensions and stakes are high at The Junction Club for Jake Bancroft as he sparks the floor against Spike Townsend and vain mod Tony Callow to take the ultimate title. With club boss Richie Lance set to make a killing from the loaded bets, Jake will need to field some sharp moves from all directions. With breathtaking dance sequences, the film introduces some new, Kung-Fu kicking Northern Soul trained talent, who have all been put through their paces by Wigan Casio regular ‘Reeves’. The central cast also boasts a line up of rising British drama and comedy stars including Merseybeat’s John McArdle, Paul Kaye aka Dennis Pennis. This British short has a modern photographic and cutting style, which incorporates the latest digital editing techniques to create a stylish and contemporary piece of film. (via)

Here’s another one – Souled Out – that is in production

And they are looking for extras!

Dick Hebdige: Clubkultur

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WOW!!! And YAY for YouTube!!!  So this is what Dick Hebdige looks like!  ( I am a huge fan of Hebdige who is author of  Subculture, Cut ‘N Mix, Hiding In The Light )

In these video clips taken from what appears to be a 1999 German documentary “Land of 1000 Dances: A Small History of Club Culture” –  Hebdige looks at the evolution of Club Culture from 70s Punk and Disco to  Hip Hop and the Techno Rave scene.

This video is amazing  – some really cool punk footage!!! In fact, all of the historical footage is AWESOME.

Here is part 1:

Playlist Link (3 part-video):

The Matador

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major lance005



If anyone has a video clip of “The Matador” in action, please please please share it! Of course, when you search “matador” and “dance” on YouTube, you get a whole lotta bullfighting or flamenco…

UPDATE: Listen to “The Matador” by Major Lance HERE
(thank you, !)

Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night

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The story by Nik Cohn (1976) that became Saturday Night Fever.

Also: Inside The Disco Inferno

Northern Soul Patrol

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A piss take? Or a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun? Who cares, this clip is hilarious. Love it.  When are the Northern Soul Patrol coming over to my part of town? 🙂

Some background info on the NSP on the Johnny Vaughan Show.

Somebody please post more videos!!!!

How to do the Ska!

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This is Ska!

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