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Mr Benn, The Mod Learns to Dance Northern Soul with the help of Social Media

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Interview with Walter Hill on “THE WARRIORS” etc.

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Walter Hill:

I saw The Warriors as graphically driven, as situational; it was broad, easy to understand, but kind of self-mocking at the same time… those were the aspects that suggested a comic book flavor to me. The idea really came up because when Paramount made the movie—and Paramount was a very different place back then—they hated it. They couldn’t understand what the fuck it was, or what it was about. They wouldn’t show it to critics. So I was trying to explain it to them: “In some sense, it’s science fiction, or… imagine a comic book based on a story from Greek history…” But it was like talking to the fucking wall.

I don’t think I could have done it as my first movie, but at that point I thought, “Well, they’re either going buy it, or not.” If I deserve credit for anything, it was for knowing I couldn’t go halfway. Halfway was death. And I just didn’t think it could be done realistically; the premise of the story was ridiculous. I think that was something Sol Yurick never understood about his own novel: he was trying to be socially accurate within this preposterous plot. Most people probably would have tried to make the movie more real; I said no, let’s make it more unreal.

I consider it a pretty good movie for the first… well, the first hour or so. We never really figured out what the hell to do at the end.

[an earlier blog post on The Warriors]

British street style: skinheads

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Skingirls (flickr photoset)

Skingirl haircuts (flickr pool)

STREET STYLE by Ted Polhemus

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'Ted' family

Rude Boys

Rude Boys

More at: Street Style (pages) – a set on Flickr.

The premise of this book is that the fashion on the catwalk has its origins in the street… the “bubble up” effect.

But it is more than the price tag which distinguishes the genuine article from its chic reinterpretation. It’s a question of context. And when fashion sticks its metaphorical gilt frame around a leather motorbike jacket, a Hippy kaftan, a pair of trainers, or a Ragga girl’s batty-riders, it transforms an emblem of subcultural identity into something which anyone with enough money can acquire and wear with pride.

However much street style and fashion might superficially resemble each other, they are actually poles apart.

The book is a bit outdated but still a great resource for images. I love that there is a section at the back with lists of suggested books, music and films for each subculture. (These lists need to be updated!). There is also a big subculture flowchart – click on the pic below to enlarge.

Street Style

OH –  I just found out that Mr. Polhemus has a website –

Remembering QUEEN

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The magazine that is!  I found these 1967 issues at Camberwell Market in 1983, and wish I’d have bought more; they have been an invaluable style reference over the last 20-something years.  Queen documented swinging London like nothing else – even down to the Pop Music column written by the great Nik Cohn himself.



Even the ads were cool!


Remembering i-D & The Face

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In the 80’s and early 90’s in a time before the internet, I used to buy almost every issue of  i-D magazine (not to be confused with i.d. magazine) and The Face . I was fixated on the imagery and sometimes risque fashion spreads.

Via the archives page of the i-d magazine website:

i-D began as a fanzine dedicated to the street style of punk-era London in 1980 and soon became essential reading for the fashion-aware. i-D has now developed into a glossy magazine that documents fashion and contemporary culture, and has gone a long way toward defining it.

Magazine covers via i-d magazine website

[i-D fashion spread – image found on flickr]

I have no idea what  i-D magazine is like today as I stopped buying magazines years ago…

Found via The Face Magazine (1980 -2004) flickr pool –

Dick Hebdige: Clubkultur

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WOW!!! And YAY for YouTube!!!  So this is what Dick Hebdige looks like!  ( I am a huge fan of Hebdige who is author of  Subculture, Cut ‘N Mix, Hiding In The Light )

In these video clips taken from what appears to be a 1999 German documentary “Land of 1000 Dances: A Small History of Club Culture” –  Hebdige looks at the evolution of Club Culture from 70s Punk and Disco to  Hip Hop and the Techno Rave scene.

This video is amazing  – some really cool punk footage!!! In fact, all of the historical footage is AWESOME.

Here is part 1:

Playlist Link (3 part-video):

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