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Tokyo Rockabillies in Yoyogi Park. Via Japanprobe.


FOG BAR commercial

I am going to Japan in 2 weeks! First time! Tokyo-Hakone-Kyoto-Osaka.

Open to suggestions & recommendations! – music events, clubs, bars, restaurants, stores.

The 10 Varieties of Mod

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Ha, I love this.

According to  the 10 Varieties of Mod in 2010 are the:

  1. Old School Mod
  2. Revival Mod
  3. Non-Mod
  4. Used-to-be a Mod
  5. Indie Mod
  6. Mod-ern Day Elitist
  7. Quadrophenia Mod
  8. Garage Psych Mod
  9. Mod-Life Crisis
  10. Internet Mod

Mixes by Wes

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Pictured above are  music mixes compiled by Wes. He updates and expands on these mixes from time to time, burns them onto DVD-Rs and hands them out on birthdays and xmases, and this year, the mp3s are all ONLINE.

There are 5 series. *A volume = length of an audio CD*

Click on the links to see covers and playlists . Password= huesos

1. JUNGLE MUSIC (20 volumes)
The history of black music from Duke Ellington’s Jungle band at the Cotton Club through the Jamaican Sound Systems.

2. CRACKER WAX (3 volumes)
The history of white hick music.

50’s-60’s rockabilly garage and general weirdness

4. MODDSVILLE (18 volumes)
Modern music from the dawn of the 60’s to the punk explosion of the late 70’s.

(3 volumes)
Popular vocals and standards from the 20’s – 60’s.

These mixes can be downloaded via my favorite music-searching client.  It’s free. Download, install the app and search for user directory  huesos. ENJOY!

Mr Benn, The Mod Learns to Dance Northern Soul with the help of Social Media

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Embedding not allowed I guess, so go here >

“I’m One-21st Century Mods” Video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “I’m One-21st Century Mods Video“, posted with vodpod


STREET STYLE by Ted Polhemus

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'Ted' family

Rude Boys

Rude Boys

More at: Street Style (pages) – a set on Flickr.

The premise of this book is that the fashion on the catwalk has its origins in the street… the “bubble up” effect.

But it is more than the price tag which distinguishes the genuine article from its chic reinterpretation. It’s a question of context. And when fashion sticks its metaphorical gilt frame around a leather motorbike jacket, a Hippy kaftan, a pair of trainers, or a Ragga girl’s batty-riders, it transforms an emblem of subcultural identity into something which anyone with enough money can acquire and wear with pride.

However much street style and fashion might superficially resemble each other, they are actually poles apart.

The book is a bit outdated but still a great resource for images. I love that there is a section at the back with lists of suggested books, music and films for each subculture. (These lists need to be updated!). There is also a big subculture flowchart – click on the pic below to enlarge.

Street Style

OH –  I just found out that Mr. Polhemus has a website –

MODS By Horst Friedrichs

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Photographer Horst A. Friedrichs has been documenting the British Mod scene for over 10 years. Using a mixture of color and black & white photography he has recorded the Mod community during events like 24-hour parties, dancing competitions and scooter runs. Recently Horst has embarked on a series of filmed interviews and events which offer additional appreciation of the scene. This rare collection of images provides a unique insight into the diversity of the contemporary Mod scene. The Mod’s of today are an assortment of youthful new devotees and old grey-haired hipsters who fondly remember scooter trips to Brighton wearing Parka’s emblazoned with “Who” and “Kinks” badges. The project chronicles this special history – from the 1960’s to the present day – every new generation rediscovering what it is to be a Mod.

There is a new BOOK available for pre-order on Amazon (UK)

I wonder if it’s the same as this one… (earlier edition?)


(image via

And here’s a related video:

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