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Monkey Mod

Posted in Art/Style, Mod on July 5, 2009 by lili

orig. pic on flickr

A new Mods film

Posted in Film, Mod on June 30, 2009 by lili

We Are The Mods – Screening in LA next month. July 18th as part of OUTFEST


Northern Soul Patrol

Posted in Dance, Mod, Uncategorized on January 8, 2009 by lili

A piss take? Or a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun? Who cares, this clip is hilarious. Love it.  When are the Northern Soul Patrol coming over to my part of town? 🙂

Some background info on the NSP on the Johnny Vaughan Show.

Somebody please post more videos!!!!


Posted in Books, Mod on January 20, 2005 by lili

DC COMICS Interview’s Book Review

Dave Gibbons: “I discovered Mod when I was about 15 and have a vivid memory of seeing my first scooters. They were fantastic, almost science-fiction machines, gleaming with chrome and accessories. They rolled up one night at my local dance-hall, the riders dismounting and undoing their military-surplus parkas to reveal smart shirts and jackets.”

It’s a straightforward Mods vs Rockers story, similar to Quadrophenia. Lead character is part of a mod gang, meets girl, fights Rockers (who are called The Dirt), has a revelation… loses scooter. Straightforward, simple, violent Mod story with names changed for everything. Lambrettas are called Hovers, Parkas are called Mantles… etc

Mods Australia

Posted in Mod on August 9, 2004 by lili

Thingo of the week: MODS (with videoclip)


Posted in Art/Style, Mod on October 23, 2003 by lili


P.S. I have three volumes of BLUE MONDAY – love them!

Revivalists – Some distinctions

Posted in Mod, Rockabilly on August 10, 2003 by lili

Teds/Rockabillies – The early Teds were 50’s working-class British youth. According to Hebdige, the Ted subculture resurfaced in the 70’s in antagonism to the Punk Movement. The late 60’s-70’s also spawned motorcycle gangs (greasers) with rocker sensibilities…

Neo-Mod– Not to be confused with the original mods of the late 50’s. The neo-mod subculture happened in the late 70’s-80’s – the release of Quadrophenia, the movie being a part of this (Also The Jam etc). America had its own version of Mod culture – which had no associations with working-class culture, or ‘soul’ music…which was more about the Carnaby-Street ‘Swinging Sixties’ idea (Austin Powers etc)

2-Tone – somewhere between the Mods and the Skins… a ska-sound, a record label and a fashion with The Specials at its head.

Skinheads – The original Skins were into Jamaican Ska and Rocksteady and came after the Mods in the late 60’s. Musically, they were more aligned with West Indian community in Britain. In the 80’s came a whiter version of Ska exemplified by bands like Madness. Skinhead culture itself was also white and ‘racist’ (eg Romper Stomper) with Neo-Nazi leanings.

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