Drum & Bass dance

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Streetstyle book reissued!

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Retro To Go: Streetstyle book by Ted Polhemus reissued

I can’t wait to see the extra 100 pages.

I have the original Streetstyle. Some pages HERE.

King Rat, Drum & Bass.

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King Rat on Amazon.com

Rarely does a book make me want to TURN UP the music while I read.

China Mieville’s King Rat is an urban fantasy set in a gritty London of dirty alleys, sewers, warehouses, rats, birds, spiders and a scary Pied Piper villain. The book  reads like a homage to the culture of 1990’s Drum ‘n Bass and for the human characters, Jungle/DnB is a religion and way of life.  Interestingly,  most criticisms of King Rat dismiss the music-subculture stuff as trite or contrived when this is the part that I found most fascinating. (example: Here’s a bad review)

Here’s another review.

I want to hear Windy City.

For now:

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The Amen Break

YouTube Documentary: A London Somet’ing Dis (1993) – 3 parts. Here’s Part 1:

Sex Pistols Kubricks!

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Via Lost At E Minor

New Romantics

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“Lots of air up the nostrils” (Quote an ex-Blitz Kid on her favorite dance moves)

That was Part 2 (The Look), and here is Part 1. (The Music)

Japanorama “Bad Girls”

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Kogals, Ganguro and Yamanba girls:

Para para, Reiko Ike:

Anna Tsuchiya from Kamikaze Girls; Puroresu, pop stars/bands etc:

There are many more episodes of  Japanorama (BBC, 2009) on YouTube.

Zoku episode:

p.s. I wish that Professor Nobuyuki Mori – “researcher and illustrator of uniforms” –  had a website.

Soul Britannia on YouTube

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(Following on from this blog post)

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